وبلاگ دورهمی

وبلاگ دورهمی

وبلاگ دورهمی

Gaza children we kill your enemies

چهارشنبه, ۱۷ تیر ۱۳۹۴، ۱۲:۵۸ ق.ظ

Children wounded in Gaza

Do not be afraid of the roar of the explosion

The burning wounds not whined

Cool parents and their brothers and sisters do not cry

Do not disturb the pleasure of human rights claims

Children of Gaza

God can see no crime wolf Sftan Sftan silence and fear revenge soon, tears and your blood will be and how hard it is God's vengeance.

And forgive us if you believe your suffering is always late and soon forget it.

موافقین ۱ مخالفین ۰ ۹۴/۰۴/۱۷

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